Hello Beauties!

Vanessa Lee RN Beauty Blog

Social Media really does wonders for small businesses these days, doesn’t it? Ever since the use of FB and IG for The Beauty Soiree purposes, I have gained an entire world of exposure I wasn’t ready for! If you haven’t checked out my website, TheBeautySoiree.com, or my IG, @VanessaLee_RN, allow me to re-introduce myself (My name is HOV! jk) I am an Advanced Aesthetic Injector and Laser Specialist and I practice in Southern California.

I specialize in preventative and enhancing procedures, which I will post more about soon. The last year few years for me have been very exciting since social media has played a huge rule in exposing what I do and what I believe in as far as aesthetics go. This past year has been entirely amazing, but I have found that IG and FB aren’t always the only platforms to voice exactly what I want to say to my followers. Sometimes I get dozens of questions a day and just can’t quite properly communicate the complete answers over IG, so I have decided to start a blog for my beauties out there that have been frustrated with trying to get some answers from me.

First off, THANK YOU, for being so patient and positive with me! I’m generally a private person and to have you beauties Direct Messaging me, Emailing me, and asking questions wherever you can has proven to be very encouraging. It means that you guys are interested in taking care of yourselves and what my advice about that is! Wonderful! Ma would be so proud if she understood a thing about social media and the internet, bless her heart!

Second, I love that this blog will allow me to express my true belief about anti-aging.


 There you have it, peeps. You can just throw the A-term out the door because I just do not practice that. What I do believe in is aging radiantly, loving how you look at every age, having you see the beauty of preventative care and how comfortable you can be in your own skin! The key to this is preventative measures, which I will talk more about soon. But the point is, there is no fountain of youth, my beauties. There is, however, a certain type of care you can apply to yourself so that you can see how great you can look and feel refreshed at any age in life.

But it has to start NOW.