5 Tips on How to Avoid Bruising After Injections

5 Tips on How to Avoid Bruising After Injections

Happy New Year, my beauties! I am so excited to start the new year off with all of you. There are so many new things I am working on and I can’t wait to unveil them to you.

My first post of the year is an educational post. My patient retention is high. Very high. I know of offices and have done some contracting at practices that have a very high new patient intake rate, but do not seem to keep their patients. This is because they spend most of their money and energy on advertising how great they are instead of concentrating on building their injectors skill set and being great. At my office, we have a high patient retention rate, which means my patients are continuing to see me after their initial treatment. But I also have a very high new intake patient rate. Both are fantastic! So fantastic that I am looking to expand my schedule because I have a lot of trouble accommodating patients since I am usually booked a month in advance. So thank you, thank you for choosing me as your provider. I want to do everything in my power to make your visit with me is nothing short of excellence. But there are a few things you can do for yourself before you come to see me to make sure that your treatment is as comfortable and effective as possible.

Pre-procedure instructions are important but not always known by my first time patients unless you have done a lot of research or have known people who have had injections and they followed a routine before their procedures that have helped them. Here are some tips to follow to help ensure a successful treatment and avoid bruising:

  1. Avoid blood thinners 1-2 weeks before your appointment day. This is a big one. Avoid things like Aspirin, Advil, Fish oil supplements 1 to 2 weeks before your injection because they add to the likelihood of bruising. Bruising is always a possibility with injectables, but if we can limit the likelihood, let’s do everything we can! My patients that bruise the worst usually have some kind of blood thinner in their system. Usually, if bruising does occur, it will last for about 3-5 days at most. Patients on blood thinners can bruise up to14-21 days. It’s no fun.

  2. Take Arnica supplements 1 week before your treatment. Arnica Montana supplements are a plant based supplement that, when taken a week before injections, has been proven to help prevent bruising at injection sites. You can pick these puppies up at Sprouts, Walgreens, and herbal stores. It helps to take these after injections as well.

  3. Drink plenty of water the day of your injections and come in on a full stomach. I have had fainters in my office. Not from pain, because I have one of the lightest hands in the business, but from nerves. It does not happen often, but when it does, I usually find out 3 factors that seem to be a common denominator. A history of fainting (skinny girls, JK thick girls faint too, I am an example), dehydration, and an empty stomach. Don’t come in for your treatment nervous as hell, all jacked up on 2 skinny vanilla lattes, and an empty stomach. Come into my office nervous as hell on a liter of water and a hearty breakfast, I can help calm your nerves because I am pretty awesome and do most of my injections on myself, so I can talk you through the process. However, I can’t talk you out of fainting. You can help yourself, now 

  4. Take an antiviral 1 week before your treatment if you are prone to cold sores. Something like acyclovir can be prescribed to you by your primary doctor if you are prone to cold sores. Cold sores are a form of virus that lay dormant in our bodies. When our immune systems are low due to injury or stress, they can flare up. When slight needle trauma from dermal filler injections occur, that can cause a flare up. It is not a fun thing to have new lippies only to have the area break out in cold sores a few days later due to lack of preparation.

  5. Be cognizant of your schedule. BRIDES. Brides, do not come in for injectables 1 week before your big day. I will never say yes to that. Even though you have never bruised in your life, the universe will kick you in the ass and it will make sure you bruise. The general rule is to give yourself 2 weeks before any major event. Maybe it isn’t your wedding, maybe it is your birthday party in a few days before your appointment, maybe you have a job interview, Hell, maybe you are finally meeting that young strapping chap from Tinder. Whatever it is you are excited about, book your appointment after that event. You don’t want to have to use all that concealer to cover up a bruise if you can help it.

So there you have it, my beauties. Read, digest, and apply it to life. Follow these steps, and in combination with my injection technique, I promise you your results and the experience will be completely different than if you do not prepare.

I will see you soon.

Vanessa Lee, RN

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