The 5 W's of Choosing an Injector

The 5 W's of Choosing an Injector - Vanessa Lee
The 5 W's of Choosing an Injector - Vanessa Lee

I am currently in the process of training specific docs and nurses across the country so you will have your own extension of my tehcniques somewhere near you. I started this program because so many of you ask who I can refer you to if you aren’t local to me, and although I have many patients fly out to me, it isn’t feasible for most to do. So, I am working on raising the bar in the injectables world. We need skilled, artistic, and ethical practitioners out there and right now, I probably have no more than 2 referrals who I would trust my dear followers with.

I want to equip you with a few tips on how to choose the best injector for yourself. Let’s put it this way- all plastic surgeons go to med school and then for their specialty, but clearly some plastic surgeons are better than others. Some specialize in rhinoplasty or breast revisions and some do full face and body. The same usually goes with aesthetic injectors. If you use my tips as a guideline of how to choose your practitioner, you will be in a much better and safer place than if you randomly choose whoever is having a special on Groupon or even scrolling through Instagram. One of the best plastic surgeons I know has a very small IG following and he is booked almost a year in advance. My point is, just because an injector has a large IG following, that does not mean they are actually excellent at what they do. It could mean they are excellent at marketing. Are you following me? Okay, so here we go:

Why? I know this order is a little unorthodox, but stay with me. You have to ask yourself why you are finally pulling the trigger and going for the injections and really reflect on why you want this now in order to help you find out what type of injector would be best for you. Have the kids grown up and now you would like to start taking care of yourself in your mid 50s? Then you need someone who is experienced with more mature faces and very advanced liquid lift techniques who will help you look like a more refreshed, younger version of yourself without making you look puffy, overdone, and load you with features that just aren’t true to your character.

Are you doing this now because you love Kylie Jenner’s lips today and want the same for yourself? Then you need an injector who will say no to you. Just kidding. Kind of. You need an injector who will educate you on the process of going very big and how other areas surrounding the lips need to be injected as well to even out your profile as the lips grow, and how, if you are injected with too much too fast and want to reverse your lips in a few years, then you’ll be stuck with lips that have loss of elasticity and some scar tissue that will feel strange and tough. There is an appropriate level of volume for each type of face and anatomy and that needs to be addressed properly. If your injector is a “yes man” for the sake of profit, you’ll end up looking very cat lady like in the near future. You would need an injector who is specializes in strategic lip shaping and lip volume growing without making the lips look thick, harsh, and done in person. Notice that I say in person. Photos on IG is one thing. But you live in real life 24/7, without the help of Lo-Fi and photoshop you want to be happy with your face at all times.

Who? Vehemently research the person injecting you, not just the practice. Some injectors are one trick ponies that look at a line and do everything they can to chase the line away with lasers and injectables. No lines or shadows on the face doesn’t mean you have a more youthful and healthy appearance. Lifting in specific areas of the face with advanced techniques and precise, undiluted tools and combination therapies are needed for this. Do you need under eye bags or dark circles addressed? Find someone who specializes in this. THERE HAVE BEEN CASES OF INJECTORS BLINDING PATIENTS because they are fantastic lip injectors or surgeons and they want to give this area a go and approach it completely wrong. Find out what it is that bothers you and what you would like to improve and inquire about that treatment specifically. This is your face and your safety, invest time in your research.

When? As soon as you have chosen a couple of injectors you are interested in, ask them when they started in aesthetics? There have been a few people who have only been doing this for 2-3 years who label themselves as master injectors because they have taken a few classes or have been practicing in the medical field for a longer time. Be specific with your questions. Some physicians have been practicing for 15-20 years and just started this 2 years ago. It takes years and years to master facial injections and you want your injector to have at least 5+ years of experience in the medical aesthetic field of doing this full time.

Where? Coming to you soon  I’m working on training the best of the best. Otherwise, fly out to me in nice and sunny Southern California.

What? What is the injector using to inject in your one and only face? Is it something you’ve never heard of? Then look it up, if there isn’t any information on it, it is most likely something strange and diluted. Make sure when you inquire, ask if the practitioner opens the syringes in front of you. If they are not willing to, something is up. Run.

I would like to add in a How Much? 

If the practitioner you want gives you a ballpark price and it is too expensive for you at the time, ask if they provide Care Credit, and if it is still not feasible, then save your money and wait until you can afford that person. THIS IS YOUR FACE. You will regret saving the 200 bucks and going to some injector who only specializes in giving huge lips when you need help with cheek and lower face lifting. Or even if you just want slightly larger lips and you have a difficult lip shape to work around, you will end up regretful if you are bargain hunting for your face. It is very strange for me when someone is so adamant about asking me how much a syringe is. I will let you know, but I will also educate that you are not just paying for your syringe, you are paying for the level of skill that I have as an injector and the care that comes with the process. You can bargain with a car salesman. I am a medical professional.

I hope this helps you, my beauty babes. Now go out there and ask the right questions and get yourself the right injector. Also read reviews, look at before and after photos with no makeup and different views of the same patient that are non-filtered, high-quality photos. All of this will make your decision a lot easier.

-Vanessa Lee, RN

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