What Kylie Jenner has done for my Business


Ahh yes, King Kylie.

Some of you may be tired of hearing about her, but the truth is that Kylie’s lips have arrived and they are here to stay for a while, depending on what type of filler was injected (Injector humor, har har!). Leave it to the Kardashian/Jenner clan to find some way to the headlines stemming from something controversial. Let me say that I am not mad at it, it has generated me a ton of business as an expert injector. Let me explain.

When I started in aesthetics years ago, it wasn’t very often I would have a woman in her 20’s or even her 30’s come in and request for lip enhancement through dermal filler injections. It was much more acceptable for a woman to have breast implants and a nose job than to have lip enhancement. Fast forward several years later and Kylie Jenner comes out with her “new look” complete with hair extensions, clothing that screamed sex appeal, and undeniably larger lips due to lip injections- all at 17. In the past 2 years, my demographic of clients has changed from mainly women in their 50’s requesting for me to turn back the clock and do corrective work for them to women in their 20’s and 30’s wanting to do preventative treatments, but also LIPS. A crap ton of LIPS. One client said it best,

“I’ve always liked my lip shape, but after I saw Kylie go the size she did, I wanted more.”

By no means did I give my patient Kylie Jenner sized lips, but I did enhance her lips to a size that was appropriate for her face and complimented her natural shape and she was very happy with the outcome. Kylie Jenner has made lip injections a household topic for American women, therefore bringing me an abounding number of patients. I am thankful for the exposure because most times patients will come in wanting to talk about larger lips, but there are other issues that they want to address as well. Looking tired because of under eye bags and skin dullness are the two most common concerns for patients who originally want to see me for lip treatments. Usually, after I lay my hands on you and you get to experience the awesomeness that I bestow upon your face, you are hooked and now a client for life. This isn’t because of anything else other than the fact that I take my time with you, I only do what is complimenting to your features, I’m a total artist, and safety is paramount at my office. I know there are plenty of injectors that are comfortable with placing 4 syringes of filler in your lip at one sitting, I am NOT one of them.

When looking for a provider to get your lips done, do your research! Look at plenty of the practitioner’s before and after photos! Lastly, go with your gut! If you feel like that place around the block is going to give you a killer deal, but maybe you aren’t going to get the exact look you want because you can’t find any info on their injectors, don’t go there. That plastic surgeon whose office you’ve been waiting in for 3 hours to see, you better believe he doesn’t care about your time, therefore I question how much he truly cares about your face. Don’t go searching for a bargain, but don’t be fooled into thinking someone pricey is going to give you the quality they are charging you for, again, do your homework.

Whether you want the slightest and most natural enhancement, or you want to go full Kylie, always make sure you are in hands that you trust. I am currently booked weeks in advance and my busiest season, the holiday season, is upon us. If you would like a treatment with me, please call Facile Skin Dermatology + Boutique at 310-929-2220 to schedule an appointment. I can’t wait to treat you!

Thanks KyKy,
Nurse Vanessa

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