Why I Won't Inject Voluma in your Lips


“I know Voluma can last up to 2 years, why can’t you put that in my lips?”

I have heard this question a lot this year since the lip injection scene kind of blew up. Pun intended. And I can’t believe I just said there was a “scene” for lip injections, how trendsetting of me. Let me give it to you straight. I WILL NOT, EVER, INJECT YOUR LIPS WITH VOLUMA.

And here is why. I once heard a fellow injector and dear friend of mine explain that injectors have this sort of “beauty tool belt”. Now, imagine that this beauty belt contains all of the different injectables on the market. As the patient, during your consultation with your medical provider (I know that some offices have you consult with a non-medical consultant and that always worries me), you have told me your area of concerns and what you feel you are struggling with. As your licensed medical provider and expert injector, it is my responsibility to choose what is the safest, and most appropriate in consistency for the areas that you have pointed out to me.

Most dermal fillers are made out of the same wonderful stuff. Stuff that I have decided is as precious as the clouds that baby angels in Heaven rest their heads on. Most dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural carbohydrate in the body that is largely found in the spaces in between skin cells. It provides moisture, firmness, and plumping to the skin tissue. This liquid gold is put into gel form and is what I inject into your face. However, the difference between one beauty tool and the next is how high the molecule saturation is and how large the HA molecule is.

For instance, Juvederm Ultra is a beauty tool that I love to use in the lips. The HA molecules in Juvederm Ultra are much more loosely formulated than those in Juvederm Voluma, therefore it works wonderfully with the natural feel of your lip tissues. Your soft, kissable lips respond so well to Juvederm Ultra because it looks and feels like your own lips when injected correctly. The HA molecules in Juvederm Voluma are much more saturated and it is meant for areas that need high stability like cheeks, under eyes, nose, and chin. I have known instances where patients have been injected by other practitioners with Voluma in the lips and they are so unhappy with the results because the lip is too firm, movement doesn’t flow naturally when smiling or speaking, or the Voluma balls up and is uneven throughout the lips. In these cases, Vitrase was used to dissolve the filler the lips were reconstructed.

I have heard of several different injectors that dilute the Voluma with Normal Saline so it isn’t as thick, and then move forward with injections. This doesn’t make any sense. Why dilute your product and take away from it’s longevity if the point of someone wanting Voluma in the lips is so it lasts longer? As a patient, you will end up paying hundreds, and in some cases I know of, thousands more for results you can get from an expert injector familiar with certain techniques to help make sure you get the most out of the correct filler in your lips.

I do know of only 2 cases where pure, unadulterated Voluma was used in the lips very sparingly and turned out well, but I believe this to be the exception to the rule. Be safe. Don’t get Voluma in the lips. Don’t get diluted product. Do consider starting off with 1-2 syringes of Restylane or Juvederm with an expert injector that can use the correct techniques to place filler in your lips so that your fullness lasts longer and looks the most natural. Technique does matter, and when you maintain your injections, you can get away with allowing more time in between your treatments and using less since you are just keeping up with yourself. Typically, my first time lip injection clients can expect to return for more within 6-10 months. Second round, they can last up to 9-14 months.

What I say no to, you can probably find 10 other injectors local to you who will say yes and that is fine. But I sleep well at night knowing that I have done what is ethical for your face and what is beautiful for your face.

XX Beauties,
Nurse Vanessa

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